common grounds

Curious strangers pass on through

Words detecting sincerity

While lust is playful in the background

You’ve read me

And I you

Mild coincidences relating to lonely


push me

I push people towards expressing themselves

I push those who have so much potential into the great midst of their desires

“I’m a pusher Cady, I’m a pusher”

I push people towards love.

Why am I still single, you ask?

Because one can’t push themselves.



I wrote this after I found out one of my best friends became official with her bae. She said it was because I pushed her. And just like her, I’ve pushed many others, call me a love pusher, if you will. But I just can’t seem to push myself. So, push me.



Chocolate daze

Dripping my mouth guarded

Alongside the defeat of my self-control

You’re the sweetness that rolls off my tongue

You’re kindness so contagious

You butter your mind with heavenly thoughts of me

When I see myself as a crumb

My gratitude wants to give its way to you

A kiss, a hug, a bittersweet goodbye

To collect the ideal of what you have of me

And see it in the mirror

You’ve made me into marmalade

Mixing your esteem into the ripe parts of me

Dancing perfectly through every night

In stars, in sky, in perfection

together getting closer to what we desire

Getting closer to the chocolate daze

Being closer to fire.



Boo, he said.

I throw up butterflies at the thought of you
My stomach twists at the sound of your name
And when you touch me
An aching pain starts to fester
A pain so necessary that pulls me out of misery
The fact that you scare me
Well, that’s a compliment.

3.19.18~I wrote this about a boy before knowing anything would happen between Him and I. It didn’t end well but he scared me and I hadn’t been scared of anyone in a while (a good scare, a scare that makes you think something incredible could happen). Although he ended up treating me like any other thing you can toss away, I forgave him. He doesn’t know that but maybe someday he will. I just don’t know if he has forgiven me.

Desire Dear

Your tempting lips are making me go insane

I know I can’t have them

And you’ve started picking at my brain

With your eyes I can see that you want me

Lock and loaded like a gun

Waiting for you to push my trigger

And end up in your arms

I’ve heard your kisses are honey

And your lips aggressive

Hold me tight and push me towards the bed

Give me a taste of what your passion is

If it’s not me lie to me and tell me it is

Because damn, I want a taste.




I went back and forth to post this but lust is so real and I think everyone can relate. Let me know what you guys think 🙂 Xx.